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LinkedIn is the de facto social media platform for the business world and has been for some time. Successfully marketing yourself and your law firm on the platform can lead to better opportunities and increased revenue. However, the LinkedIn pages of many businesses are relatively ho-hum, making it difficult for them to stand out from the crowd. Differentiating yourself and your law firm from your competitors on LinkedIn is a terrific way to improve brand recognition and potentially increase the number of clients who hire your firm.

LinkedIn is just one important avenue for your digital marketing campaign and should not be neglected. It should be integrated with your firm’s overall marketing strategy, creating a synergistic whole. This article will provide some helpful tips about how to stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn and get more eyeballs on your page, which ultimately result in conversions.

Utilize Your Brand

The single most important thing your law firm needs to stand out on LinkedIn is a compelling, recognizable brand. There are dozens of law firms out there that people could be using, so it is essential that your brand convinces people that they should pick you. Your brand should be infused into every aspect of your law firm marketing, and your LinkedIn page is no exception. All the tools that LinkedIn provides should be used as opportunities to evoke your brand and its authority and trustworthiness.

Many firms will not have a compelling brand identity, and this can leave them lost in the ocean of other law firms. Your brand should stand out against this backdrop and propel your firm forward into the minds of potential customers.

Design Aesthetic Branding

Eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing branding, such as logos and backgrounds, are a great way of differentiating your page from the multitude of other law firms out there. There is limited room for your branding on LinkedIn, but the room LinkedIn does give you should be maximized. Your excellent branding will make potential clients more likely to trust you and refer your firm to others. Something important to consider is that often, your logo will be seen only as a tiny thumbnail on your LinkedIn page, so make sure it pops even at this small scale.

Craft Compelling Copy

The copy on your law firm’s page is your elevator pitch. It needs to sell your business effectively and efficiently. When considering what to include in your copy, always think about the unique selling points of your law firm. What makes your firm better than your competitors? Consider this question carefully when crafting your copy to ensure that it stands out from the many other law firms on the platform.

Infuse your brand into every word you write so that when people read the copy, they can immediately glean your authority and effectiveness. This way, you are already selling your firm to potential clients even as you educate them about legal topics or practice areas.

Create Engaging Posts

Posts are an ideal way for you to get your message out into the virtual world. A great blog will immediately grab the attention of the reader and not let them go until it has fulfilled its purpose. Every post that your law firm creates should have two purposes. The first purpose is to market your firm, and the second is to create a post that generates engagement in one form or another by the reader’s re-posting the piece, commenting on it, or otherwise interacting with it.

LinkedIn offers tools such as surveys that can help to make a post more engaging. Why not ask a topical question using a post to encourage discussion? This way, your post will be more likely to reach a wider audience, which means more people will get the chance to be exposed to your firm.

Join Conversations

LinkedIn is constantly abuzz with conversations about new and trending topics. The legal world is no different, and every day people are discussing contemporary trends and ideas in the field. Use your firm’s page to contribute to these conversations productively and insightfully. This reflects positively on your law firm and further develops its digital footprint. Both wider exposure and perceived authority contribute to your law firm’s differentiating itself on LinkedIn. This will help you make a mark where so many other law firms do not.

Announce Good News

Posts are extremely versatile tools, and they can be used in a highly effective manner when announcing good news at your law firm. Perhaps you just won a large settlement or jury award, or maybe you’ve recently hired a top-notch attorney – each of these can be used to generate a post. Good news is in itself a good thing, but it can also be leveraged as a marketing tactic. Newsy items should be shared as widely as possible to both promote your law firm and imbue an image of stability and trustworthiness. Positive news is more likely to be shared than negative news.

Leverage LinkedIn to Benefit Your Law Firm

Differentiating your law firm on LinkedIn is no small feat, but successfully achieving this goal will lead to fantastic rewards. The single most important part of your differentiation strategy should be your law firm’s brand. This is the foundation around which the rest of your marketing is constructed. Your brand should speak to the authority and trustworthiness that your firm holds, its values, and its objectives, in a way that is inviting to potential clients. Craft your virtual presence around your values and legal expertise to maximize your digital visibility and help to ensure that you differentiate yourself on LinkedIn.

Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith is an SEO Manager for Gladiator Law Marketing, a leading digital marketing agency that focuses solely in the legal field. He is well versed in SEO, PPC, and building brand awareness for attorney’s and their practice. He is dedicated to ensuring his clients success with a strategy tailored to their firm, and furthermore, helping them get business in the door.

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