What To Do after a Truck Accident in Asheville, NC

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A truck accident can be a life-altering event. If you were injured in your wreck because of someone else’s fault, it is imperative that you carefully follow the proper steps directly after your accident. Following these steps can help to ensure that you are treated fairly if a lawsuit is filed. Let’s take a look at what you should do after your truck accident.

Report Properly

It is imperative that you properly report your accident to the authorities. Failure to properly document the accident could dramatically affect your ability to get fair and equitable compensation for your injuries. It would be best if you remained at the crash until authorities arrived. Leaving the scene of a collision can constitute a crime in itself. If it is later proven that you were somehow at fault in the accident, and you leave the accident, it could greatly complicate things for you legally. Be sure that you and your vehicle are in a safe place to wait for the authorities. Turn on your hazard lights if possible.


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If you believe that you or someone else involved in the accident has been injured, call 911. If no one is injured, you can simply call the police.

It is also very important that you remain calm while talking to the authorities. They will be able to gather information more accurately if you stay calm.

You should definitely request a copy of the accident report. This information can be beneficial if you decide to pursue legal assistance later.


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Follow through with Suggested Medical Treatment

If the authorities or medical team present at the accident suggest you have medical treatment, you should follow through with this. If you are injured and do not follow through immediately with medical treatment, and your condition worsens later, it may be difficult to prove that the wreck caused your condition. Seek medical treatment and make sure to keep accurate documents concerning this treatment. If you choose that route, these documents will play a vital role in a lawsuit.

Pay Attention to Details

If a vehicle was involved that left the crash scene, try to remember any significant identifying details about the vehicle. This is especially important if the other vehicle was a commercial vehicle.

Be Sure To Exchange Info

You will need to insist that you and the other party involved exchange insurance information at the scene of the accident. It is crucial to be insistent without being confrontational. If you fail to get this vital information, it could be challenging to hold the other party properly accountable later.

The information you will need includes:


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  • Contact info
  • Insurance info
  • License number
  • Employer, if it is a commercial vehicle

Ask For Witnesses

You should check to see if anyone nearby is willing to be a witness concerning the wreck. You can either collect their statement yourself or simply get their contact info. Either way, it is essential that you have contact info for any willing witnesses. These witnesses could be an important part of your car accident case.

Although the authorities will create an accident report, it is also crucial that you document the accident as well. You should take pictures and/or videos at the scene. This should include damage to your car and injuries to yourself and your passengers. If applicable, you should also take pictures of anything that was struck during the accident as well.

If you were injured, continue to take photos of your injuries during your recovery. This information can help to establish how severe your injuries were.

Watch Your Words

It would help if you chose your words wisely when speaking with the authorities or others involved in the crash. It is also important to speak carefully later on when the other party’s insurance company contacts you. In most cases, the insurance company will first attempt to settle out of court by making you an offer. The only way to know if this offer is just and equitable will be to speak with a knowledgeable attorney. Until you have spoken with an attorney, speak carefully.

Contact A Truck Accident Attorney.

A truck accident attorney will be able to help you navigate your truck accident. Truck accidents involving commercial vehicles are critical. Those who drive commercial vehicles are under a special obligation to always keep other drivers safe and never participate in unsafe driving practices such as distracted driving or intoxicated driving. If the truck driver involved in your accident was not safe, it is important that they be held accountable. Truck accident attorney Lakota Denton can help.

Lakota Denton

Lakota Denton is an Asheville, NC attorney who focuses on recovering for injured people. Lakota has been practicing law in Asheville, N.C. since 2011.

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