Messner Reeves LLP Announces CEO Transition

Caleb Meyer

DENVER, CO—Messner Reeves LLP, an award-winning national business law firm, has announced new leadership to continue its growth initiatives as founder Corky Messner transitions to chairman, shifts his focus to national business development, community leadership and political opportunities. Partner Caleb Meyer will become the firm’s new CEO.

The leadership transition follows years of sustained growth for Messner Reeves, which recently opened new offices in Reno, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona, while also welcoming a record number of new clients.

“I’m honored and humbled by this opportunity to build upon the success that Corky and the Messner Reeves team have built these last 25 years,” said Meyer.

Meyer will be joined by David Reeves, Michelle Harden and Jim Smith in assuming day-to-day oversight of the firm’s operations and formal management. Messner Reeves currently operates offices in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New York and Utah, with a focus on corporate law and litigation.

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