The Law Office of Nigel Phiri Launches Client-Facing App

Nigel Phiri

ATLANTA, GA—The Law Office of Nigel Phiri founder Nigel Phiri is pleased to announce the development and launch of a proprietary, pretrial accident concierge-style mobile phone application completely tailored to make the case management process streamlined, intuitive, and client-friendly. It is the ultimate one-stop spot for intaking, uploading, and storing client health information, pictures, and evidence, and viewing the status of a case in real-time. Clients can see a clear timeline of their cases evolving in defined stages.

Prior to launching his own law practice, Phiri was achieving phenomenal results for his clients with one of the world’s largest plaintiff firms, such as an $8,800,000 jury verdict in a tragic negligent security case involving the death of an innocent 20-year-old young man.

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