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What is the term used to describe a jury’s verdict of innocence for a defendant?

WRONG! Dismissal occurs when a case is terminated by a judge before it goes to trial or during trial due to various legal reasons, such as lack of evidence or procedural errors. It doesn’t reflect a jury’s verdict of innocence.

CORRECT! An acquittal means that the jury has found the defendant innocent of the charges brought against them, and they are not liable for the alleged crime.

WRONG! A pardon is an executive action by a government authority (such as a governor or the President) to forgive a person’s conviction or sentence. It is not the term used for a jury’s verdict during a trial.

WRONG! Exoneration refers to the formal declaration of someone’s innocence, often after new evidence comes to light or their wrongful conviction is proven. It’s not a term used to describe a jury’s verdict during a trial.

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