How Much Does a Bankruptcy Cost?

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There is no doubt that a person files for bankruptcy when they are not in the best financial position.  Accordingly, a question that we are asked daily is “How much are bankruptcy fees?”

First, the court filing fees including credit counseling, debtor education and a credit report total about $400.00 for a Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  In addition, is the bankruptcy attorney fees.  The attorney fees at Sadek Law Offices, LLC cover fielding all creditor phone calls and written correspondence, assistance in gathering the necessary documentation, answering all client bankruptcy-related questions, preparation of the Bankruptcy Petition, attendance at a 341 Meeting and for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, representation throughout the confirmation process and hearing.

For the most simple Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases, our law office charges a minimum of $1,250.00.

For a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the fees are standardized by the United States Bankruptcy Court at $3,000.00 or $3,500.00, depending on the client’s income level.  However, our office generally requires half of the Chapter 13 fees upfront.

To determine a fair and accurate attorney fee an initial in-office consultation is necessary.  At the initial consultation, it is first determined whether a bankruptcy filing is most beneficial to the individual facing financial hardship and thereafter which Chapter of Bankruptcy is the best fit for the client.  The complexity and amount of debt one is due and owing will assist in determining a more precise legal fee.  For an exact price on a bankruptcy filing and a payment plan to help make it affordable, you may contact our law office to schedule a FREE initial consultation.

If there are any general questions or topics you would like to read about relating to bankruptcy law in the Eastern Pennsylvania region, you may contact the Bankruptcy Lawyers at Sadek Law Offices, LLC today.

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